Jobs in The Climate Economy in some cases require a slight change from old ways of doing things or in other cases require whole new skills and ways of thinking. The sky is the limit. For most of our job news posts, they’ll be combined with another sector category, so those are not included here. Jobs does includes the following subcategories:

  • Coal2Sol
  • Illinois Clean Energy Jobs Act


"Of 31 "vital signs"—key metrics of planetary health that include greenhouse gas emissions, glacier thickness, sea-ice extent and deforestation—they found that 18 hit record highs or lows." #beyondurgent #cleanskillsclimate #cleansectorsociety

Calculate Your Degrees of Separation from Extraction – #greenmindfulness #beyondurgent

Forests will be destroyed, people lose their homes, and "there is unlikely to be an international market for Indian coal...major factories in India...still need to import it from abroad" and they're already producing 20% more than they need. #beyondurgent

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India plans to fell ancient forest to create 40 new coalfields

Narendra Modi’s dream of a ‘self-reliant India’ comes at a terrible price for its indigenous population

Check out the amount of money supposedly at stake here. Big oil fighting for it's life, it's on the ropes! Compare the value of nature and human life that could be protected with less oil burning. We have better ways! #beyondurgent #climatemoochers

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Keystone Pipeline’s owner is suing Biden administration for $15B

The company behind the Keystone Pipeline is suing the Biden administration for $15B over the cancellation of its project.

You can get involved with organizations like @NCSE , @NSTA , or @ClimateLit to ensure your kids aren't getting exploited by big oil. #cleansectorscience #cleanskillsclimate #cleansectoredu

Yes! We agree with this excellently sourced and informed opinion. #renewablehappiness #beyondurgent #cleansectorland #cleansectorscience #cleanskillsclimate #cleanskillsecon

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