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The Secret to Causing The Change You Want To See In Illinois

We know the change we need: a transformation of our economy from dependence upon dirty fossil fuels to clean energy and natural climate solutions that provide what people need and maintain our Earth’s environment for future generations. It’s a massive scale of change that requires mobilization of everyone at every level of government, business and society. We’ve done it before with the New Deal during WWII, and right now we need nothing less than this total mobilization.

Currently, those running the fossil fuel industry keep causing death through pollution and ecosystem destruction, mislead the public about the dangers, and distracting us all with new convoluted dramas and visions of easy solutions which are actually not solutions at all. It’s a concerted and well-documented effort. At the same time, our government representatives who are supposed to be working in our favor are beholden to these entities because of the big campaign donations, and are therefore not doing what’s in the best interest of the citizens they supposedly represent. These representatives of ours are not going to be accountable to the people they serve unless every single one of us out there raises our voice. We have to all know exactly what’s going on all the time and make sure our voices are heard or we’re going to continue to be ignored. But that sounds impossible to overcome, right? Actually, it’s totally possible.

Join a community organization you trust that is already involved, that is working to change the status quo, and is independent of entrenched, legacy industries that are fighting the needed change. That’s it. That’s the secret. Your main responsibility here is to ensure that the organization you throw your support behind is watching out for climate, economy and humanity, and not sacrificing lives or nature for some big business profit. There is no acceptable level that in any way shape or form damages human life or our natural ecosystems in the name of human development. This is the old way that has gotten us into the predicament we’re in now, with runaway climate change and rampant inequality.

For example, in Illinois, the Clean Energy Jobs Act was developed in partnership with more than 100 organizations representing communities, businesses, and constituents across Illinois. It’s the only comprehensive energy bill not developed by mutil-billion dollar corporations. And it covers all the bases and leaves on one out. It is focused on the following:
Economy – reliability and affordability

We can’t fail to focus on any one of these, they must all be central to efforts. The Illinois Clean Jobs Coalition has been working to shape CEJA so that it will benefit all Illinois residents for years to come. Many organizations, made up of caring individuals with their own certain expertise are part of this effort and are contributing their time and attention in order to iron out the many important and complicated issues. Each participating organization must affirm norms that ensure adherence to the principles of protecting the climate, economy and humanity in order to participate in the effort.

Every individual doesn’t need to know the level of detail. But you need to throw your weight behind those organizations doing that work. They are doing the work that needs to be done by everyone, and you contribute by supporting them. They, in turn, will keep you up to date on important issues and let you know what you can do to make a difference. Everyone must participate in this way, or we’re not going to get to the level of buy-in, to the very tippy-top levels, that are required for the scale of change at this moment in time. This is our time. This is our moment. This is how we roll.

You can identify an organization you want to support by their geographical location or by their areas of CEJA focus. Our database breaks down every component (entity) of CEJA, the change it aims to cause (link to one-pagers), and the organizations with a special focus on that component. The database includes links to the organization’s website as well as their calendar of events. If you join an organization and/or contribute in other ways, you can not only just feel the goodness of your contributions personally; you can also develop a track record of your action and support. This way, you are exercising your power and responsibility, and taking back control of the situation.

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