You may be wondering: “What can I do about climate change?” It turns out, there is a lot you can do. There is so much, we encourage everyone to focus on their passions and interests to determine best what they can do. We want to help people “find their niche” in The Climate Economy, and put their passions and interests to good use.

CLEANetwork Magazine is a compilation of daily news stories from a variety of sources across the internet, curated by The Climate Economy Education Inc, a nonprofit for education. Posts are not endorsements, just food for thought and inspiration. We post everything on The Climate Economy’s Twitter Feed then send it here by topic. You can subscribe to get these headlines delivered to your inbox. CLEANetwork Magazine’s main aim is to spur participation and action in the CLimate Economy Action Network (free account required), where you can join and start your own climate ventures.

Our world is changing constantly, and our current business models and lifestyles are not keeping up with the changes. We can do everything better, improve our health, save money, and protect nature for future generations all at the same time. We all have a role to play based on our interests, skills and expertise. All we need is the right information to help us along.  Here you can browse moods, sectors and skills, and start on your journey to find your niche and thrive authentically.

All our moods, sectors and skills articles are categorized and curated by humans, so that you don’t have to start from scratch. If you’re interested in becoming a volunteer news curator, please read more about it and apply now.

Learn about the new Illinois Climate and Equitable Jobs Act – TCE's a nonprofit for education, so we'll be aiming to help everyone get the most out of @CEJA @FossilFreeIL. For now we hope to help everyone understand the big picture. Stay tuned!

Learn about the new Illinois Climate and Equitable Jobs Act

Link to TCE’s CEJA Toolkit on for background info and summary details of CEJA. The Illinois Cli...

Gov. Pritzger will sign the Illinois Climate and Equitable Jobs Act into law today at 10am, watch the livestream #renewablehappiness #beyondurgent #cleansectorsociety #cleanskillsequity #cleansectorjobs

Reminder: Carbondale Community Resilience Fair Saturday-participate in listen-lead-share about sustainability in Carbondale, learn about climate change and worker cooperatives, and hear from local orgs doing great stuff. Register for the 1-3:30pm zoom at

"Despite the industry’s overall decline, more Illinoisans worked in clean energy than the number of lawyers, accountants and auditors, web developers, and real estate agents combined." #cleansectorjobs #renewablehappiness

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Clean Jobs Midwest

Clean energy jobs are powering the midwest.

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