Southern Illinois is where The Climate Economy got started in 2019. The Southern Illinois community catalyst is Amy McMorrow Hunter of The Climate Economy Education Inc, email address (without spaces): amy @; tel 618 713 2896. The first kickoff event was in June 2019 in Carbondale. In 2020, a coalition was built to organize a second series of webinars, Keeping Money Local. The coalition of organizers includes:

Southern Illinois Community Foundation

About Southern Illinois Community Foundation: The mission of the Southern Illinois Community Foundation is to engage the people of southern Illinois in building a tradition of philanthropy. The Southern Illinois Community Foundation is committed to creating an opportunity for donors to participate in local community development efforts to address the changing needs of our community through charitable giving. This will be accomplished by building a regional endowment, designated funds, field of interest funds, donor-advised funds and undesignated funds in order to enhance the quality of life throughout our region.

Southern Illinois Community Foundation’s Statement of Support: SICF is proud to sponsor this community development series.  Communities throughout Southern Illinois are facing challenges on how to thrive in this economy.  We see the ability to invest in our local economy and the development of local small businesses as a key component to future growth and development in our region.

Carbondale Spring

About Carbondale Spring: Carbondale Spring is a people’s movement that is working to create a local economic that is self-reliant in meeting local people’s basic needs. Current projects promote food autonomy, renewable energy, a team of care workers, and the creation of locally owned and controlled workers cooperatives. We see these projects as essential to creating real social security for people at a time when the global economy has side-tracked our area and our natural environment is threatened by business as usual practices. We believe that the City of Carbondale has a role to play in helping people to meet their basic needs and should adjust its funding prioritize away from excessive policing to meeting basic needs.

Carbondale Spring’s Statement of Support: We are proud sponsors of the Keeping Money Local Seminar Series because we believe that local self-reliance cannot be achieved without the participation of the majority of local people. To achieve greater self-reliance requires the investment of local dollars in local businesses and services. It cannot be achieved by government doles or loans by multinational corporations. This important Seminar Series will help local people understand how they can become a part of this new economy by investing their hard-earned dollars in their own community, where they will have greater impact for good, instead of on Wall Street that does not have the interests of our local community in mind.

The Climate Economy Education Inc

About The Climate Economy Education IncThe Climate Economy Education Inc is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit whose mission is to help everyone, everywhere generate people-centered climate ventures through education and programs so every individual achieves prosperous net zero emissions in their lifestyles and work in order to bring and keep all the Earth’s natural systems in balance for current and future generations.

The Climate Economy Education Inc’s Statement of Support: Finance is a key to the massive transformation that is required to adapt lifestyles and business models that are good for the climate, economy and humanity. We’ve been told there are certain ways we’re supposed to work and invest that have worked well for a few and leave most others in a daily unnatural worry of paying off debts and putting food on the table. This event should inspire action to implement new business models and investment strategies that have been proven to be widely beneficial elsewhere and should be spread community by community. We’re going to help lead this effort in southern Illinois.

Cristaudo’s and the Southern Illinois Collaborative Kitchen

About Cristaudo’s and the Southern Illinois Collaborative Kitchen: Cristaudo’s is a small, local café, bakery and catering business which also includes a gift shop called 6Pence. The goals of Cristaudo’s are to fuel, support and entertain the community by offering a variety of products and services under one roof featuring continental cuisine and locally, regionally and sustainably produced items. Currently, Cristaudo’s has joined with other local organizations to create the Southern Illinois Collaborative Kitchen.  Through this program we are able to support other local restaurants who are struggling because of the pandemic, while providing free meals to help alleviate food insecurity in our community. To continue to expand on this, we are also looking at ways a worker-owned cooperative structure would strengthen these efforts.  We feel that by working together in this style, a vibrant and thriving community can be maintained.

Statement of support: We are proud to support the seminar series ‘Keeping Money Local’.  It is the support of community members that has always been the building block of any local business or organization.   It is this collaborative effort that makes our community. The emphasis of this seminar on new business structures and investing locally is a continuation of this notion that can create a stronger and self-sustaining economy for our future.

Egyptian Electric Cooperative Association

About Egyptian Electric Cooperative Association ( Egyptian Electric Cooperative is a southern Illinois consumer-owned electric cooperative that was established in 1938, suppling electric service to more rural members predominantly in portions of Jackson, Randolph, Perry, and Williamson counties. We/They are a distribution utility, serving over 15,000 households, commercial and industrial accounts. Egyptian Electric is headquartered in Murphysboro and maintains nearly 2,000 miles of line. Membership base is an average of 7.5 meters per mile of line, compared to the investor-owned companies averaging 35 customers per mile of line.

Egyptian Electric Cooperative Association Statement of Support: Concern for community is one of our cooperative principles that sets us apart from other utilities. We know that our core job is to keep the lights on; but our passion is for our communities. Because we live and work here too, and we want to make it a better place for all.

City of Harrisburg

About City of Harrisburg: The City of Harrisburg is a municipality located within the heart of Southeastern Illinois. As an organization comprised of elected officials and City workers, we are dedicated towards the improvement of the quality of life within the community and to look towards a more prosperous future for our residents. In working strategically with partner organizations throughout the region, leveraging existing resources, and helping our community thrive, the City is actively working towards seeing the community improve. Our philosophy is deeply set in working cooperatively with other organizations and members of the public, because working together, we are a stronger.

City of Harrisburg Statement of Support: The City of Harrisburg supports the initiatives as put forth by this web series in the alternatives available to the conventional molds of entrepreneurship that has embodied Southeastern Illinois. In working with new models and forming a community engagement perspective, the possibilities are endless towards the potential revitalization of our area and region.

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